The main question we get asked in business has got to be: 

You have thousands of customers, why not charge for shipment? All the other companies do it and earn more."

To which we reply:

"No way. Never - it goes against our purpose and everything we stand for."

The conversation goes silent for a few awkward seconds ^^

Here's what they're missing;

We are not like other companies, we value you, your time, your efforts, your business. We are not here to get your last dollar, we are here to serve you. 

Every living things on this planet exists to be of service to others.

Spiders catch flies and make beautiful webs

Bees pollinate the flowers that give us fruit

Trees clean the air and give us shade 

We live all coexist in a crazy time, our purpose here, right now, is simply to 'give' as much as we can.

Whether it is time, care, information, empathy, compassion, advice, support or free shipping
Our mission at is simple, it is to give.