Our Story

Hi there and welcome!

Our store is run by passionate people.

We appreciate the fun, love, joy and beauty animals give to us on a daily basis and love them all back in return. 

We are a small independent business, we were driven to create this shop to get in contact, make connections with others that love our earth and animals as much as we do and make a difference to animals in need. We donate our time and services to animal protection, annually we collect over 250 kilos (550lbs) of waste along our shores and woodlands, and 1% of all of our sales goes to animal shelters. 

Being passionate about animals is what our shop is all about, we are thrilled you are like minded and have joined us. Your buck goes further with us, by spending your money on our items, you are directly helping animals in need. 

CleverBuyDesign.com belongs to the newer, more competitive and aware branch of consumer products, where we actually value our customers and genuinely do our utmost best to make sure our customers come first. 

Being competitive, we scour the world to provide you with the latest goods at the best prices possible. We do not intend to make a fortune at the cost of our customers. To put it plainly; we have no intention of screwing our customers just to earn an easy buck ;) 

Our fair prices, customer oriented and no-nonsense approach, together with our cool supplies and our unique and fun offers means we have some seriously loyal and pretty cool customers. We hope you'll become one of our seriously loyal and pretty cool customers too. 

Customer Satisfaction is our number one priority as a sales site - If you have any questions or queries, please send us an email at: contact@cleverbuydesign.com

Happy shopping and see you soon again!!!