Which Vacuum is the Best for Pet Hair?

I have quite a few pets, at the moment I have 4 kitties and a pupper, I love them all :) The downside is the hair and dander they continuously leave behind.

One of my pets is a border collie his hair is quite long and we go to the beach pretty much daily which adds sand to the hair and dander. Sometimes we’ll go the park, I find that then his paws get really mucky which adds mud tracks to the equation.

My life saver has been buying a robot vacuum cleaner. Before I got my ILIFE V7s I was so worn out by all the vacuuming I was doing on a daily basis to try and keep the house in a somewhat decent state. I like my house to be nice and clean and I also live with someone that has asthma.

I have gained many hours back with the Robot, I’m not as worn out anymore and I have to say it’s such a big relief just knowing that I don’t have to clean as much as I had to before. It was one less thing on my mind and has given me some space as well as time.

Apart from being affordable (there are so many robots that sound great, but are just way too expensive), the ILIFE V7s has a mop feature. For me this is the cherry on top! Not only do I not have to vacuum, I no longer have to spend time mopping my floors. I now only mop every once in a while, when I feel like I want to give the floor a really good thorough and deep clean.

All round, I give this Vacuum Cleaner 5 stars based on the job it does, how thorough it cleans, its user friendliness, its affordability and that it is a wet and dry cleaner. The wet and dry cleaning function is really a winning combo if you have pets.

ILIFE V7s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mop Function