Top 10 Summer Pet Essentials

Top 10 Summer Pet Essentials

Summertime is great for traveling with your favorite furry friend! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite clever travel items. Whether you’re flying, going on a road trip or relocating to a new home and neighborhood these 10 products could well be mini lifesavers, making your travels together safe, comfortable and a whole lot of fun!

10. Pet Safety & Booster Car Seat
Safety is paramount while traveling and this includes keeping your furry companion safe too! Check out this Pet Safety & Booster Car Seat

Pet Safety & Booster Car Seat - safety always comes first

9. Collapsible Bowls
Space and weight are nearly as important as food and water when you're off traveling! These ingenious bowls are the best for taking on any and all trips.

Check out the Double Disk Travel Bowl. It's lightweight, packs up flat and can attach to the outside of your gear.

Double Travel Bowl Disc-two bowls in one handy carry case

8. GPS Tracking
Going new places is always exciting, which is why dogs and cats like to check their new surroundings out. This GPS collar makes sure you will always be able to find your pet if they get lost or go missing. Do not let your pet end up being posted on a missing pet flyer.

Mini GPS GSM/GPRS Waterproof Pet Tracker

7. Kitty Go-Go
Travelling can wreak havoc on our own digestive tracts, the same is true for your furry friend. Avoid messy (smelly) mishaps by taking a foldable and collapsible litter tray with you. Kitty Go-Go is lightweight, folds up small and secures with a snap button.

Kitty Go-Go - foldable portable travel cat litter box

6. Groomer Gloves Pro  
Even on holidays grooming is a must, fortunately, you don't have to waste space with the Grooming Gloves Pro.

Groomer Gloves Pro - perfect grooming for all furry pets 

5. Retro Pet Sunglasses
All co-pilots need sunglasses! Order your pair of Retro Pet Sunglasses and get ready for your Insta, Twitter, FB, Pinterest, Reddit feeds to explode!

Retro Pet Sunglasses - for cats and small dogs

4. Dog Goggles - Foldable Protective Dog Eyewear
Brighten the day of other travelers. A dog with its head hanging out of the window and then add these Dog Goggles. It's the perfect day for everyone.

Dog Goggles - foldable protective dog eyewear

3. Pawsitively Pure Water Bottle 
Pure safe water while you're on the go, The Pawsitively Pure Water Bottle has been specifically designed for pets, no messing around with designs that just are not dog-friendly.

Pawsitively Pure Water Bottle - dog water bottle for travel

2. Travel Bag
Brilliant for all trips no matter where you go, how you travel these Petpack bags are the BEST.

Petpack - lightweight compact backpack for cats, dogs & smaller pets 

1. Pet Nanny
Sometimes it's not possible to take your furry friend with you for an overnight stay. Leaving your furbaby overnight at home is made easier with the Pet Nanny. Besides being able to feed your dog you'll be able to check-in on your furball!

Pet Nanny - interactive food dispenser