Talking Less and Doing More - Sustainability, Veganism and a Healthy Society

Sustainability, Veganism and a Healthy Society are some huge words, each topic is written and debated about endlessly by people from all walks of life. In itself not so surprising, I have yet to meet a fellow human that does not care about the planet we live on, the creatures that dwell on it or an individual that is completely devoid of love and care for others.

This in turn creates views, opinions and solutions as varied as the people in conversation. The approaches to solving each topic differ from person to person, from discussing politics on a global level, campaigning for animal rights, living off the grid, to the act of giving your lunch to someone less fortunate.

While conscientious debating and discussions are heathy and very necessary, it doesn't take away from action. It is clear that we are in this together, we are all interconnected as beings and that a massive amount of action is required from us all to solve the issues at hand. The doing of the effort is needed to promote and establish a healthy planet, a healthy relationship with all living things and a healthy co-existence with our fellow and connected humans. 

Changing the world is easier than you think.

Ever find that conversations lead to the usage of labels to identify ourselves as - readers, writers, thinkers, intuitives, empath, or by our European, Asian, African, Australian, American, South American nationalities, or by our socialist, democratic, right or left wing political beliefs, or by our various social statuses, successes and failures? Is it possible to toss the labels and just do? Is it possible to give a pause to talking and follow up on spoken and written words with more efforts.

Shall we wake up a little more and live a little better, a little more conscientiously, a little kinder and more respectful each day. Find something, some action, no matter how small, that benefits the planet and those that live on it and do it. 

Pick up an extra piece of litter from the roadside, park or beach, perform an extra random act of kindness for a fellow earth dweller, make that extra stop to care for a stray animal, do the extra effort needed to find and purchase recycled or sustainable products, wait the 5 minutes extra to support a small initiative instead of the global corporations, bring a beautiful vegan treat or meal to share with your colleagues, give the hug that lasts an extra few seconds.

The time for gentle awareness has come, it is time to act with compassion, kindness, respect and care for all that is living.   

We are the collective, we are the conscious, we are the way forward, we are the doers and action takers. 

With that written, I will now go to the home for elderly and vulnerable to visit a friend that needs a hug.