Can Dogs Drink Beach Water?

This question actually gets asked quite a lot, it's good to know what water is safe for your pupper to drink and which water is best to avoid. 

Beach water is very high in salt content, this will lead to dehydration, it will make your dog vomit and cause "beach diarrhea."

If your dog drinks too much salt water quickly, he'll probably vomit it all back up. This contributes to dehydration, so you should offer your dog clean, fresh water to drink. Short legged dogs such as corgis and dachshunds are notorious for vomiting sea water right back up.

The consistent drinking of smaller amounts of salt water is likely to cause "beach diarrhea." This type of diarrhea occurs because the salt water has caused excess amounts of water to accumulate in your dog's intestines.

How to recognise it? The diarrhea results as an urgency to go frequently in small or large amounts. Your dog may strain to evacuate, which is known as ''tenesmus,'' and the diarrhea may appear bloody and/or covered with a mucus layer.

How to prevent it? By frequently offering your dog fresh water will decrease the chances beach diarrhea. Make sure to always carry fresh drinking water with you, there are special dog water bottles on the market, below are a few links

Take a break from walking or running your dog every 15 to 20 minutes to rest and let it drink some more water.

Below are 2 different types of bottles

The 1st one is effective and as inexpensive as they come.


The 2nd one is a little more sophisticated and advanced, it actually filters your dog’s water with charcoal filters before drinking.

Both are great for on the go and travels with your faithful furry friend.

*Beach diarrhea is usually short-lived and your dog should get better quite quickly. Dehydration is to be taken very seriously, your dog should be taken to a veterinarian if it does not get better quickly

If your dog remains lethargic, disinterested in their surroundings and unwilling to eat take him/her to a veterinarian. It is likely that there is another problem such as bacteria, algae, microorganisms that needs to be treated without delay.

Check this one out, it certainly will not break the bank.
On the Go Water Bottle

If you have a little more cash at your disposal I would recommend this water bottle, it has a carbon filter and purifies water, which is great if you are on a hike with your furry friend and not sure of the quality of natural streams.

Pawsitively Pure Bottle - Dog Water Bottle for Travel