All that sand and dog hair!!!!!

I love my dog, he is just the best in the world, according to me. My 7 year old
Border Collie is a rescue pupper and he’s the newest furry member to my family, joining the pack back mid-way November 2017. Over the past few months he has changed so much, apart from the physical aspects like his coat being shinier, fuller, thicker, softer and glossier, his character has grown and changed completely. He does not resemble the mangy, neurotic dog I picked up last November. In the last months he has been given the room and the chance to show and develop his softer and more affectionate side. I’ve put in a lot of time, effort and work to get him this far and it’s really great to see him changing and responding to the care, love and safety he has been given. The rewards as his dog parent are plentiful and forever increasing the more time I spend with him. I count myself very lucky.  

We are both incredibly fortunate in that we live by the sea. Having access to
several beaches is incredible. Having lived myself in many places all around the world, access to seas and oceans have been the constant and I feel at home by the seaside. As for my boy, he loves his daily runs, he has the most fun chasing and herding kites overhead. It’s the funniest thing I have ever seen and he is just the happiest pupper going in those moments and I am also the happiest dog momma on the planet. 

There is a little downside though… you’ve probably guessed it by now. Border Collies have quite a bit of hair and as he now has a full beautiful long coat, it sheds and even better, it traps a whole bunch of sand in it. This is a bit of a problem for me, I am a little bit of a neat freak, I like my hygiene and do not care for dog hair and sand everywhere in the house. I also do not fancy spending my entire day cleaning - Up till now I had been doing all sorts to try to minimise the dog hair and the sand, l’d go for an extra walk around the block, hoping the sand would fall out. I tried brushing his coat, hoping to get rid of the sand and hair. I even started to put him in the bath more regularly, but a daily bath is a little excessive not to mention a ton of work and really not very healthy for my doggo and his skin. I had no idea that the solution would be so easy, effective, convenient and affordable: The Ultimate Dog Groomer - a dog grooming tool that attaches to my Dyson.  


I love the fact that the ultimate groomer is a very gentle and dog friendly way to get rid of fly-away hair and all that sand that gets stuck in his furry coat. It also costs me a lot less energy than all the other methods I had been trying before, it’s more effective and the bonus for me is that it is so hygienic in that it is self cleaning. If you’re anything like me and value a clean and tidy house and pupper, I highly recommend you give The Ultimate Groomer a go. Unlike a whole bunch of other products, this one is pretty cheap, it won’t break the bank, it’s easy to use and doesn’t require you having to buy a whole new machine which takes up more space in the already overly stuffed pantry or hallway closet.  

I’ve kept the price of the grooming tool low, there’s no extra taxes and like a lot of our products, I’ll ship it to you for free. 

Don’t own a Dyson, but think this might well be the right product for you?? No problem! A simple adaptor piece can be bought to fit your vacuum cleaner, these are widely sold at DIY stores.