6 Survival Hacks for Fur Moms and Dads

How do you deal with all the hair??!!

Hair – the bane of all pet lovers and the only real drawback when you own pet kids. Shedding, flyaway hair, dander, dust bunnies are all inevitable when it comes to having a furry four legged creature as a family member.
There are ways to combat it though and make the dander and dust bunnies less of an issue. The first steps to tempering the chaos are grooming tricks, the last hack is the most valuable one known to any and all fur-moms and dads.

1) The Ultimate Groomer attaches to your *Dyson vacuum cleaner to gently and hygienically remove loose hair and sand directly from your dog’s coat, before it’s shed around the home


The Ultimate Groomer *works on other models too!


2) Groomer Gloves Pro - the best hands on helper in grooming all pets, removing unwanted pet hair and can be used on both wet and dry animals! Whether you have a cat or a dog, ferret or a horse, or some other pet, you will get rid of unwanted pet dander in your home!

Groomer Gloves Pro


3) After proper grooming it’s time to wash your pet* with a very mild ph neutral soap and then towel dry with the Quick Dry Wet Pet towel.The Wet Pet Quick Dry Towel works like a giant sponge, because it’s made from countless textured strands of chenille fabric woven together. It soaks up more than 7 times as much water than an ordinary towel does and it gets rid of dirt  And washing** your pet will further reduce the amount of lose hairs.

*Cats really don’t need to be washed, most do not appreciate getting wet and in general they are self-cleaning animals
**Washing pets on a weekly basis is perfectly fine, more frequent washing is not recommended as it can cause skin irritations.
Quick Dry Wet Pet


4) Invest in a quality bed with a removable pillow for your furbaby. Fur, sand and more hair get trapped while your little fluffy kiddo is snoozing and relaxing. Regularly cleaning and washing of the pillow covers will help to minimize dust bunnies.

Luxurious Plush Bed
Soft Pet Bed for Small to Medium Pets with removable cushion

Window Hammock for cats


5) Fur gets stuck in the fibers of upholstery, which is why the Easy Dander Cleaner was invented. The Easy Dander Cleaner is an innovative electrostatic block with textured patterns that can reach in and lift out those deeply-imbedded hairs from tight crevices like couch upholster, car seats, carpets, and more.

Easy Dander Cleaner


6) The absolute very best item to invest in is the iLife V7s Pro robot vacuum. Let this robot change your entire life and coexistence with your furry babies, be prepared to have your free time back. It cannot be emphasized enough what an impact this one machine will have on your life. Let iLife do the job, stick it on and you will not have to worry again about sand, dander, lose hair, flyways, dust bunnies or even muddy paw prints on your floor. A lifesaver during shedding season is to let iLife run around the house a few times a day. You will quickly have that picturesque home life that are exclusive to the Better Homes and Gardens photo shoots!

iLife V7s Pro - Genuine life and game changer